Access Data to Small and Emerging Mid-Market Elite Dental Group Practices

Our platform provides comprehensive data about dental group practices & contacts

The Landscape of our Dental Marketplace is changing rapidly. Corporate Dentistry has arrived and they mean business. Understanding and Accessing this market with relevant business intelligence, data reports, and analytics will provide you the competitive advantage you need to succeed in this rapidly changing environment. Working with a digital data partner who offers more than 30 years of industry know-how, and who is dedicated to continuously monitoring, updating and providing you access to the changes within this market segment, is a critical component to your strategic sales process.

The DSO DIRECTORY consists of over 2,700 Group Practice Accounts and more than 23,000 Key Contacts today, and we are adding an average of 30 New Groups Per Month. You can sort, append and download this data in a variety of reports that best suit your business needs- Account Size, Region, State, Contact, Title, Department & Practice Specialty are just a few of the ways you can sort data reports.

This data is ideal for Sales Managers and Special Markets Sales Representatives looking to increase their access to key decision makers within this market segment. The DSO DIRECTORY is also of great value to The Elite & Mid-Market Dental Groups/DSO’s who need to identify a profiled selection of small group practices / aka ‘prospects’ in order to grow their base of Affiliate Offices.

Access Dental Group Practices- Small & Emerging, Mid-Market & Elite. This enterprise business platform is designed with intuitive dashboards & easy-to-use search tools to access hundreds of Companies & Thousands of Contacts!

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